How are transformers sized to operate Three Phase induction type squirrel cage motors?

The minimum transformer KVA rating required to operate a motor is calculated as follows:

Squirrel Cage Formula

NOTE: If the motor is to be started more than once per hour add 20% additional kVA.

Care should be exercised in sizing a transformer for an induction type squirrel cage motor as when it is started, the lock rotor amperage is approximately 5 to 7 times the running load amperage. This severe starting overload with result in a drop of the transformer output voltage. When the voltage is low the torque and the horsepower of the motor will drop proportionately to the square of the voltage.

Example: If the voltage were to drop by 70% of nominal, then motor horsepower and torque would drop to 70% squared or 49% of the motor nameplate rating.

If the motor used for starting a high torque load, the motor may stay at approximately 50% of normal running speed as illustrated by the graph below:

Torque vs Speed Graph

The underlying problem is low voltage at the motor terminals. If the ampere rating of the motor and transformer overcurrent device falls within the motor’s 50% RPM draw requirements, a problem is likely to develop. The overcurrent device may not open under intermediate motor ampere loading conditions. Overheating of the motor and/or transformer would occur possibly causing failure of either component.

This condition is more pronounced when on transformer is used to power one motor and the running amperes of the motor is in the vicinity of the full load ampere rating of the transformer. The following precautions should be followed:

  1. When one transformer is used to operate one motor, the running amperes of the motor should not exceed 65% of the transformer’s full load ampere rating.
  2. If several motors are being operated from one transformer, avoid having all motors start at the same time. If this is impractical, then size the transformer so that the total running current does not exceed 65% of the transformer’s full load ampere rating.

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